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- Anessen -
PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:53 pm    Post subject: Relevant Release Notes from U13

For the full release notes, go here:


For the purposes of this thread, I'm only going to copy/paste those notes which relate to all classes or specifically to monster play classes.


Moors level scaling and free player access

  • F2P and Premium players may now take their Freeps to the Ettenmoors by purchasing a temporary moors pass from the stable master using Mithril Coins.

  • The Free Peoples may now enter the Ettenmoors at level 20 and have their characters scaled up to level cap.


Balance and Difficulty adjustments

  • As part of our efforts to adjust difficulty, we have Removed Primary stat contributions (might, will and Vitality) from Tactical and Physical Mitigations.

  • As part of some balance changes, we have slightly modified the contributions of Primary stats to mastery and avoidance ratings for all classes.

  • All classes now receive 1 point of Tactical Mitigation per point of Will and Fate.



  • Monsterplayer's auto-attacks deal Fellwrought or Orccraft instead of Common.

  • Fixed a variety of skills who were missing Orcraft damage and were dealing common still.

  • Black Arrow's Enhanced Deathblossom now has a 3 second grace period on its snare. This fixing an issue with the damage from the skill cancelling it immediately.

  • Orc-craft and Fell-wrought damage should now properly pass through Physical Mitigations. Hovering over the stat in your character panel will display the amount at which is mitigated.

  • Additional mitigation given from audacity has been removed because of this change.

  • Fixed issue where Virulent Poison's Damage over Time effect was not being increased by the Weaver's Venom Pips.

  • Creep's core virtue stat amounts (base stats) were significantly upgraded. This is to bring them more in line with their freep equivalents.

  • New armour is now available for level scaled Free people at the cost of Commendations.

    • This armour is available in bands of ten levels from level 20 to level 80. This armour will not be affected by any sort of offset throughout its level band. For example, level 20 gear will remain level item level 176 until the player hits level 30.

  • Reaver's Enhanced Skill: Resilience was not properly applying immunity after using the skill. This should be fixed now.

  • Fixed issue with the effects of Charge not applying to the Reaver until the animation was completed.

  • Fixed issue with the Warg where equipping the trait Enhanced Skill: Rallying Howl where the outgoing damage buff wasw not stacking and instead was applying the wrong effects to the warg.

  • Drink Deep' heal should now be affected by Out-going Healing and Tactical Mastery. Added a slight variance to it so it’s not the same heal every time.

  • Glan Vraig Reward Chests should now respawn more frequently after being opened.

  • The Mastery Boost Trait was not functioning correctly when all tiers of the trait were active. When all six are equipped, 30% of the time, when using harmful skills, you will be able to use a skill free of power cost.

  • The armour set, Armaments of Precision, 4 piece bonus was not working and has been changed to have a 50% chance to grant +1 Focus every 9 seconds.

  • Power of the First Age effect, granted to players who carry the Artifact, no longer gives a 50% bonus to melee, ranged, and tactical defense. This has been replaced with a bonus to Physical/Tactical mitigation.

  • Resolved and issue with the tooltips of the level 95 Freep armour that was causing the 4 set bonus to be missing from the tooltip of certain gear sets.

  • Fixed issue with the Avoidance trait giving certain mp classes 43000 block rating instead of 4300.

  • Many MonsterPlay class’s melee skills were converted to the new damage types along with many of their damage over time effects.

  • Fixed snares across Monsterplayers so that stronger snares always take higher priority over lesser snares.

  • Creep damage has been slightly bumped to compensate for the increase in defense with new damage types passing through physical mitigations for freeps.

  • The defiler has received some healing boosts and induction reductions.


Epic Battles, Classic Raids & Instances, Skirmishes

  • The Flawed Symbol of the Elder King has been added as a rare drop to Tier 3 skirmishes and as a very rare drop to classic raid instances. This symbol is used to craft 1st Age legendary gear.

  • ...

  • Flawed Symbol of the Elder King have a chance to drop from completing a Platinum Epic Battles Reward Bar at level 95.

Also: For Update 13, Legendary Quality Rings, Bracelets, and Earrings have been rotated in as rewards and will now have a chance of being awarded for Platinum rewards. Legendary Quality Pocket Items and Necklaces have been rotated out of the Platinum rewards. In future releases, these rewards will continue to rotate between the available possibilities.